XLN Review

Cloud Voice for Small Businesses

  • World’s Largest IP Voice Platform
  • Unlimited UK landline & mobile calls
  • Gold Award winners for Customer Service
  • Free next-gen handset worth £249.50

XLN Overview

XLN is an industry-leading provider of essential services for small businesses – that’s everything from phone and broadband to card processing, cloud voice and mobile. With low prices and excellent Trustpilot reviews, they’ve helped everyone from hairdressers and plumbers to solicitors and restaurants owners save money.

XLN were Gold Award winners at the 2019 CXAs for customer service brilliance and have more five-star reviews on Trustpilot than any competitor.

Why XLN?

We’re on your side.

“I started XLN because small businesses weren’t being given the value for money they deserved on their essential utilities. They paid too much, and they waited too long for support. So I made it my mission to change that.

How? By living and breathing these 5 promises in everything we do. They’re the backbone of XLN – and they’ve helped us to level the playing field for small businesses.”

World-class service

XLN promises to deliver unrivalled customer service.

More five-star reviews on Trustpilot than anyone else in the sector and their rating is 20x better than BT’s.

They answer your calls inside 3 rings, from UK-based support centres, and solve 90% of issues on the first call. You can’t afford to wait – and with XLN, you don’t have to.

Exclusively small business

XLN promises to support small businesses only.

While the utility giants focus on the mass consumer market and big chains, their focus is solely on independent companies.

Unlike their rivals, XLN understands what is important to small businesses. They provide expert advice through their Bizhub to help you prosper, and create products like XLN public Wi-Fi that bring customers to your door.

Huge savings

The more XLN products you choose, the more you’ll save.

An XLN customer choosing all core products (phone, broadband, card processing and energy) saves an average of £1,750, every year.

Smoother switching

XLN promises the smoothest switch possible.

When a household loses service, it’s an annoyance. When a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money.

That’s why they’ve invested in making switching to XLN as seamless as possible, with minimal downtime and a UK-based switching team to manage the process for you.

XLN Products

Business Phone

Business Phone. Lower prices. Better service.

Simple, affordable business phone packages. Low-cost phone line deals.

  • Modern cloud based phone packages available
  • Unlimited calls on a phone-only package
  • Get broadband or fibre with calls for just £5 more
  • Guaranteed 5 star customer service

Key Phone Features

Mobile App

Call holding

Call logging

Call blocking

Caller ID

International numbers

Keep existing number

Call forwarding

Call recording

Call conferencing

Do Not Disturb

Unlimited landline and mobile calls

Call logging

Call transfer

Call Queuing

SMS Messaging

Business Broadband

Big savings. Small businesses only.

In these challenging times, our market-leading broadband deals offer savings when you need them most – along with 5-star rated service.

  • Pre-configured – All our broadband packages come with a free wireless router.
  • Fastest switch possible – We’ll ensure the smoothest switch possible.
  • The UK’s no.1 network – All fibre and eligible broadband customers can add free public Wi-Fi for just £6.50 a month.

Key Broadband Features

20,000 Hotspots

Fast speeds

Line rental included

Free public Wifi

Wide coverage

Quick and easy setup

Free router

Speeds up to 76MB

Business Fibre

Fibre deals at standard broadband prices.

  • Unlimited usage
  • FREE Super Router
  • Before choosing a package, find out your broadband speed or whether
  • you can get fibre in your area using our handy speed checker.
  • UK’s no.1 rated customer service.

Key Fibre Features

Unlimited usage

Speeds up to 76 MB

Free public WIFI

Free router

Keep your number

Line rental included

Protected bandwidth

Business Mobile

Mobile. Flexible, affordable SIM-only plans.

With 30-day contracts and tariffs that beat EE, Vodafone and O2, our SIM-only deals offer minimal commitment and maximum savings.

  • 6GB for just £12
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited texts
  • Exclusively small business.

Key Business Mobile Features

TRI-SIM works in any phone

Add data bundles easily

Free calls and texts

Up to 20GB of data

Local, national & mobile calls

SIM only plans

Cloud Voice

Everything’s Going Digital. Why should your phone be any different?

With better quality calls, a huge range of smart features and market-leading handsets provided for free, XLN Cloud Voice offers affordable and comprehensive IP Voice packages for small business owners.

  • Never miss a call
  • No installation or activation fees
  • Next-gen technology
  • Add multiple users easily
  • World’s largest IP Voice platform
  • Simple set-up

Key Cloud Features

Unlimited UK landline & mobile calls

Keep your existing number

No handset required

Free Auto Attendant Feature

Mobile app

Free handset

Card Processing

No robots. No banks. No hidden charges.No kidding.

Our award-winning, UK-only customer service means you’ll speak to advisors, not machines. We’ll deal with the banks, the paperwork and the form filling whilst you get on with running your business.

We’ll set you up in just one call. You just save money, with no strings attached.

  • 1-call setup
  • Award winning service
  • Next day payments

Key Card Processing Features

Next day payments

40m plus range

Take payments anywhere



Customer Support

Phone Support

Email Support


Live Chat

Why XLN is most suited for small businesses?

XLN have helped over 700,000 small businesses all across the UK to save money on the things they need to get things done.

Big on small business

XLN specialises exclusively in services for small businesses. They tailor their packages to meet your exact needs, offering great value and service to keep Britain up and running. Saving £££s across phone, broadband, cloud voice, card processing and more.

Service with no hang-ups

Guaranteed to answer 93% of all calls in just 3 rings, and over 90% of issues are resolved immediately on the first call. You’ll get one account management team to help you across all your essential services, and one unbeatable world class service.

Most trusted

They are chosen by more small businesses than any other dedicated business telecoms specialist in the UK. They’re second only to BT in size, but with hundreds of awards collected over the past 10 years, they’re second to none for service.


XLN knows how important it is for your business to stay connected. So they make sure it is. Enjoy a fast, simple and seamless switch to XLN without losing any business.

Pricing Plan Comparison

Over 700,000 UK small businesses have chosen the perfect package for their business and made huge savings with XLN.

XLN is cheaper than BT, guaranteed. They promise to always be cheaper than BT on standard business landline and business broadband tariffs and new customers can save up to £553.

Business Mobile

Phone Line Only



per month

  • £44 Cheaper than BT
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Keep your existing number
  • PAYG calls 93% cheaper than BT’s
  • Add all the line features you need
  • 24 month contract – see how we compare
  • Add an XLN Mobile SIM for half price – find out more
  • Direct Debit only offer

Phone Line And Calls



per month

  • £234 Cheaper than BT
  • Truly unlimited calls to UK landlines & mobiles
  • Keep your existing number
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • 24 month contract – see how we compare
  • Add an XLN Mobile SIM for half price – find out more
  • Direct Debit only offer

Broadband And Fibre



per month

  • £533 cheaper than BT
  • Includes Line Rental
  • Free Super router
  • Speeds up to 76Mb
  • Unlimited Calls

Cloud Voice Phone



per month

  • PAYG or unlimited calls
  • Free handset
  • Keep your number
  • No activation or install fees

Business Broadband


Unlimited Broadband



per month

  • £253 cheaper than BT
  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • Minimum speed guarantee
  • Calls 93% cheaper than BT’s
  • Free plug & play router
  • 24 month contract
  • Direct Debit only offer


Unlimited 76Mb Fibre



per month

  • £493 cheaper than BT
  • Free plug & play Super Router
  • Minimum speed guarantee
  • Unlimited usage
  • Download speeds 4x faster than the UK average
  • 24 month contract
  • Add an XLN Mobile SIM for half price
  • Add award-winning free public Wi-Fi
  • Direct Debit only offer


Unlimited 76Mb Fibre & Unlimited Calls



per month

  • £553 cheaper than BT
  • Free plug & play Super Router
  • Minimum speed guarantee
  • Unlimited usage and calls
  • Download speeds 4x faster than the UK average
  • 24 month contract
  • Add an XLN Mobile SIM for half price
  • Add award-winning free public Wi-Fi
  • Direct Debit only offer


Unlimited Broadband & Unlimited calls



per month

  • £313 cheaper than BT
  • Unlimited surfing and UK landline & mobile calls
  • Minimum speed guarantee
  • Free plug & play router
  • Free online security worth £95
  • 24 month contract
  • Add an XLN mobile SIM for half price
  • Direct Debit only offer

XLN Features

Calling Features

Call Holding

Call Recording

Call Conferencing

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Call Forwarding

Call Transfer

Call Queuing (ACD)

Call Logging

Call Blocking

Caller ID

Advanced Features

Number Porting

Follow Me

Mobile App

International Telephone #s

SMS Messaging

Voicemail to Email Transcripts

Virtual Receptionist

Backup & Storage

Holding Music

Push to Talk

Virtual Phone Numbers

Internet Fax

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